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A stereotaxic frame with a connected monitor, likely used in neuroscience to guide injections into specific brain regions such as the striatum and cortex for Alzheimer's Disease research

Therapeutic Administration

We can deliver therapeutic agents directly into the CNS. We use digital stereotaxic devices with automated microinjectors for a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility. Stereotaxic procedures (injections, catheterizations) are used for intracerebral (i.c.) and intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of therapeutics agents.

We have extensive experience with delivery of viral vectors, antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides, and small molecules.  

Rodent Model used for Stereotaxic Surgery - Disease Model Generation

Rodent Model Generation

We can generate rodent models via stereotaxic procedures. We can deliver recombinant proteins (e.g. α-synuclein and tau preformed fibrils), viral vectors (e.g. AAVs), human brain extracts (e.g. patient-derived extracts), and neurotoxins.

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Can Biospective perform surgeries in multiple mice per day?

Yes. Our team has developed a high-throughput, production-level process for performing these complex procedures. We have multiple stereotaxic devices and multiple team members with expertise in these surgeries.

At which ages can Biospective perform stereotaxic surgery?

We can perform surgeries across the life span, including newborn (P0-P1), neonates (P14 to P21), juvenile, adult, and aged mice and rats.

What is a stereotaxic brain injection?

Stereotaxic injection is a minimally invasive form of surgery that makes use of a three-dimensional coordinate system, a stereotaxic apparatus, and a fine needle to target delivery to specific regions of the brain.

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