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Slide Scanning 

Automated slide scanning for digital microscopy streamlines the process of analyzing tissue samples by employing sophisticated technology to digitize entire microscope slides. Slide scanning can be performed in brightfield or multi-channel immunofluorescence models.

At Biospective, we have multiple, high-throughput digital slide scanners, including the ZEISS Axioscan 7 system. Slides are scanned at sub-micrometer spatial resolution, typically with 20x or 40x objectives.

These scanners are ideally suited for digitization of multiplex immunofluorescence slides. We use a high-quality LED light source and filters the range of the fluorophores typically used multiplexing. 

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Can Biospective provide us with the digitized images?

Yes. We can transfer the digitized images to you for your in-house analysis.

Does Biospective perform quality control review of the digitized slides?

Yes. Quality Control (QC) is a key element of our end-to-end process at Biospective. Our team performs a review of the digitized slides and performs re-scans or replacement scans, as needed. 

Is slides scanning a routine part of Biopective studies?

Yes. For most of our studies, we perform quantitative analysis of the tissue samples to derive appropriate endpoints. As such, we almost always digitize the tissue sections. That is the advantage of these instruments that scan up to 100 slides per run and having multiple scanners operate simultaneously.

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