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We provide a comprehensive range of preclinical services to evaluate experimental therapeutic agents in rodent models of neurological diseases.

Our Services - a three-dimensional model of a brain in a horizontal layout against a plain, light background.

Our animal services team are experts in dosing via multiple routes of administration, stereotaxic surgical procedures, and fluid & tissue collection.

A close-up of a medical syringe with a needle inserted into a small vial, likely a therapeutic agent

We use specific, validated tests that are sensitive to response to therapy in our CNS rodent models.

Behavioral Testing - a three-dimensional maze with high walls, and within this maze, there's a white laboratory mouse looking out from one of the corridors.

We use well-established, in vivo electrophysiological measures to evaluate motor and sensory function.

A digital rendering of a neuron, which is a cell that transmits nerve impulses.

We can measure clinically translational biomarkers, such as neurofilament light, in blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). We can also perform cellular immunophenotyping on a range of tissues, including brain, spinal cord, lymph nodes, and spleen.

A close-up of test tubes in a laboratory setting with a pipette dispensing a liquid into one of them

We have a state-of-the-art histopathology facility specializing in tissues collected from rodent models of neurological diseases.

A series of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain scans displayed on a light box or a digital screen

We use preclinical MRI, PET, and CT scanners, coupled with our advanced image processing & analysis techniques, to non-invasively measure changes in brain & muscle structure (e.g. atrophy) and function (e.g. metabolism, blood flow).

In Vivo Imaging of mouse brain

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