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Biospective performs dosing of therapeutics agents via peripheral routes or directly into the CNS.

Rodent Model used for Dosing - Peripheral Administration

Peripheral Administration

We can deliver therapeutic agents via several peripheral routes of administration, including intravenous (i.v.), intraperitoneal (i.p.,), subcutaneous (s.c.), intramuscular (i.m.), and intranasal (i.n.). We work closely with our Sponsors to determiner the best method of delivery.

Rodent Model used for Dosing - Oral Administration

Oral Administration

For therapeutics that can be delivered orally (p.o.), there are several options. Our team is thoroughly experienced in delivery via oral gavage. Compounds can also be delivered in the chow or drinking water. In this case, we closely monitor the animal's intake.

Rodent Model used for Dosing - Direct CNS Administration

Direct CNS Administration

For therapeutic agents that do not readily cross an intact blood-brain barrier (BBB), we can administer them directly into the CNS (brain, spinal cord, or CSF). Several routes are available, including intracerebral (i.c.), intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.), intra-cisterna magna (i.c.m), lumbar puncture (l.p.), or intraspinal (i.s.). If repeated or chronic administration is required, a catheter can be inserted.

Rodent Model used for Dosing - Osmotic Pump Administration

Osmotic Pump Administration

For long-term delivery of therapeutic agents, we can use an osmotic pump. Pumps are available in various sizes with different flow rates. They are typically implanted subcutaneously and can be coupled with a catheter (e.g. for continuous i.c.v. administration).

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How does Biospective deliver gene therapy vectors?

We have extensive experience working with gene therapy vectors, such as AAVs. These vectors can be delivered via a number of routes, including systemic administration (e.g. intravenous), intracerebral (directly injection into a specific brain region), intracerebroventricular (injection into the CSF), or intra-cisterna magna (injection into the CSF).

Can Biospective perform administration to newborn and neonatal animals?

Yes. Our team has experience with injections in pups (e.g. P0, P1) via several different routes, including intravenous (e.g. facial vein) and intracerebroventricular.

Can Biospective perform repeated i.c.m. injections?

Yes. Our team has developed substantial expertise in delivery into the cisterna magna (including mice) and we can perform repeated administrations.

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