Animal Imaging

Biospective provides the broadest range of imaging modalities and quantitative measures in the industry. Our fully-automated NIGHTWING™ software represents a quantum leap in processing of animal imaging data. Strict quality control (QC) is an inherent part of all studies. Biospective provides full service solutions for imaging studies from acquisition, to processing, to statistical analysis.

Image Modalities

Biospective has substantial experience with a wide range of MRI (anatomical MRI, diffusion MRI/DTI, MTR, ASL perfusion MRI, BOLD fMRI, phMRI, SWI, MRS), PET/CT, Digital Autoradiography, and SPECT/CT studies.

Advanced Image Processing

NIGHTWING™ is our state-of-the-art image processing software for animal brain imaging studies. NIGHTWING™ parallels the broad range of capabilities of our clinical PIANO™ software, and provides sensitive, quantitative measures for translational studies. NIGHTWING™ is far more sophisticated than any other software solutions available for animal MRI, PET, and SPECT studies.