Histology and Immuno-histochemistry

Biospective has expertise performing studies using a broad spectrum of tissues (such as brain, spinal cord, lung, tumor) and stains. One of our particular strengths is quantitative image analysis of digitized histology/IHC slides using our unique PERMITS™ software. All studies are performed in-house with strict attention to quality control.


    • Perfusion fixation and tissue dissection
    • Tissue embedding & processing
    • FFPE & frozen tissue sectioning
    • Histological & IHC staining
    • Whole slide brightfield and fluorescence digitization

Commonly Requested Stains


    • H&E
    • Cresyl violet
    • Luxol Fast Blue (LFB)
    • Perl’s Iron/Prussian Blue
    • Masson’s Trichrome
    • Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS)
    • Acid Blue 129

  • IHC

    • Beta-amyloid
    • Tau
    • Alpha-synuclein
    • GFAP (astrocytes)
    • IBA-1 (macrophages/microglia)
    • NeuN (neurons)
    • Neurofilament (axons)
    • Synaptophysin (synapses)
    • MBP, PLP (myelin)
    • APP/SMI-32 (axonal damage)
    • IgG/Fibrinogen (vasogenic edema)
    • Inflammatory cell markers
    • Collagen IV (vessels)

Quantitative Image Analysis

PERMITS™ is Biospective’s proprietary and automated software. It has been developed to provide accurate quantification of immunohistochemistry data from digitized tissue sections. It can analyze individual sections from a broad range of tissues, and includes accurate 3D reconstruction of brain tissue sections for correlation of in vivo imaging and post-mortem histology/IHC data from mouse or rat brain. Contact us about Customized Applications.

  • Structural MRI

  • Neuronal Density

  • Myelin Density

  • Astrogliosis

  • β-Amyloid Burden

  • α-synuclein

  • Brain

    • Misfolded protein (beta-amyloid, alpha-synuclein, tau) burden
    • Myelin quantification
    • Neuronal density
    • Neuroinflammation
    • Vascular density
    • MRI-IHC co-registration (3D PERMITS™)

  • Lung

    • Goblet cell hyperplasia
    • Eosinophil quantification